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Getting Started

Log into AMI with the provided user name and password (default user/password is demo/demo123)


After logging into AMI, choose a layout style (Default Style is shown)


After selecting a style, you will move onto the new dashboard


On the dashboard you will see 1) a Layout Editor toggle button in the upper right corner, 2) a menu bar at the top, and 3) the work area below where you add layout components

1. Layout Editor Toggle Button


(Hotkey: CTRL + D)

AMI dashboard builder has two modes. When the Layout Editor is turned on, you have access to tools and functionality for editing the dashboard.

Note: if you do not see the Layout Editor Button, your user account is not entitled for building layouts.

  • The Windows menu will have an option to add New Windows and to Manage Windows
  • There will be a new Dashboard menu item for accessing tools
  • All existing panels will have a green button for accessing that panel's settings

2. The Menu


  • File: manage saving and loading of dashboards
  • Account: control your personal settings and preferences
  • Windows: access, manage, and create windows
  • Help: get AMI version, Runtime settings, and list of available script methods, etc.
  • Dashboard (in Layout Editor mode): access tools and functionality for building out the dashboard

(Clicking on the 3Forge icon will open up 3Forge's website in a new tab)